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Tarawa, Kiribati
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Mauri and Welcome to the Training and Information Unit

The Training Unit is located within the Coastal Fisheries Division. The Training Unit is guided by the Kiribati Development Plan and the Kiribati National Fisheries Policy.


The major objectives of the Training Unit are:

  • To carry out a public awareness program through media, newspapers, and community outreach on all fisheries related matters.

  • To disseminate information on fisheries and marine resources targeting Primary, Secondary and tertiary students in need of such assistance.

  • To conduct training and workshops on sustainable utilization of our marine resources through post-harvest processing, preservation and handling that could assist the communities, fisherman associations, and local fisherman in generating their daily livelihood and income.

  • To provide training and capacity building to Fisheries Assistant trainees prior posting to stationed in the outer islands.

  • Collaboratively work with Mechanical Units in disseminating awareness via hands-on training on outboard engine troubleshooting that could assist in minimizing lost at sea incidences.

  • To assist in consultation processes implemented in the outer islands and South Tarawa

  • Development of awareness tools such as posters, leaflets/pamphlets, signage etc and disseminate for the public information.

  • Safekeep all library records of books and reports.

  • To assist with school visits to the Fisheries Division for need of information.

Work Focus

The Training and Information Unit is obligated to conduct trainings, workshops and awareness on maritime safety and post-harvest processing that will promote the livelihood of local people in generating income sourced from our own marine resources. This includes processing of value added seafood such as tuna jerky, smoked fish, pickled seafood, etc. As part of the capacity building for our local fisherman, the unit also offers training on outboard engine troubleshooting coupled with awareness programs to the communities and the general public.

The Fisheries Awareness Week is an annual event which promotes and showcases the Ministry’s activity and achievements to the general public. During this 3-day event the divisional office is usually closed to the public as all the staff would be involved in the event.

Current activities and Programs include:

  • Public Awareness via media, local newspapers , leaflets/pamphlets signage etc

  • Training and Workshops on value add seafood such as tuna jerky, pickled seafood and seaweed product

  • School visits

  • Community consultations on te bwawe and te maebo management plan

  • Development and review of Outer island Bye-laws

  • Outer island consultation on FAD management plan

Establishment of Food Laboratory in Tanaea.

A Food Laboratory will be equipped with proper processing tools and clean running water to sample all value added products prior to disseminating to the local communities. There is a need to build on what has been done on value-added processing by targeting island specific endowments such as pickled peanut seaworm in Tab South and Tab North, and pickled clam in Butaritari and Abaiang.

Recovery of Fisheries in Tamana and Arorae from TC Pam

Distribution of necessary tools for processing such solar dryers coupled with training on post-harvest processing of seafood are now the main focus to help Tamana and Arorae recover from the loss caused by TC Pam

Identification of Capacity Building trainings on Food Technology

The training will capacitate staff that will be engaged with processing of new seafood products especially for the need on hands-on training.

Introduction of fish canning in Kiribati

With the necessary skills and knowledge acquired from training overseas, the unit will carry out training and workshops on proper procedures of small scale fish canning.

+686 75021099

+686 75021099

Bairiki, Tarawa, Kiribati

Bairiki, Tarawa, Kiribati