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Tarawa, Kiribati
We'are Open: Mon - Fri 9:00 - 17:15

Mauri and welcome to the Sustainable Fishing and Development Unit

The major role of this unit is to develop new fishing gears suitable for local fishermen to enable them to diversify their fishing activity. The other major task of this unit is the fabrication and deployment of fish aggregating device (FAD) in the outer islands and upon request.

Current activities and work plan

  • FAD monitoring on current active FADs

  • Ordering of new FAD materials to ensure enough materials to meet urgent request from outer islands

  • Fabrication and deployment of FADs upon request from the outer islands

  • Construction work on the Fisheries speed boat at Mike Savin’s boat shed

  • Development of artificial reef structure for the Nanikaai/Teaorareke marine protected area.

  • Fabrication of solar dryers and smoke box to support training on value added marine products

Focus for the next four years

  • Slowly transferring the FAD construction and deployment know how to the local communities and the fishing association so they can carry out the activity by themselves in the future

  • Develop and train local fishermen on new fishing gear techniques to diversify their fishing activity.

+686 75021099

+686 75021099

Bairiki, Tarawa, Kiribati

Bairiki, Tarawa, Kiribati