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Tarawa, Kiribati
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Kaawakinan marin abara ibukin ngkai ao ningabong

sustaining our marine resources for today and tomorrow

Ara Marawarerei

Our Ocean-pride


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July 23, 2024
News 2 MFMRD Media

15 Tons of Dried Seaweeds from Abaiang Island Ready for Export

15 tons of dried seaweed have been produced from Abaiang Island during the first weigh conducted from 02/07/24 - 06/07/24. Out of the 15 tons of seaweed, 14.6 tons were from Nuotaea islet. These dried seaweeds will be sold to available companies for export.…

Leave NO pending task

Jul 23, 2024 3 MFMRD Media
“Leave no pending task, just do it” and “You should know what in your store for you, to determine where you should go next”, were…

5th Clean-up campaign

Jul 08, 2024 65 MFMRD Media
The MFMRD staff successfully carried out the 5th Clean-up Campaign on Wednesday, July 3rd, 2024, replacing their usual weekly…

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The Ministry is principally charged with a key role to achieve a sustainable and vibrant economy for the people of Kiribati through the development of fisheries and marine resources and where it is recognized to take a lead role in the implementation of the objectives of the current Kiribati Development Plan.

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