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This is another test article for the divisions

This is just a test article. 


Please ignore its content.



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News item from the MFMRD Media account with all 14 Tags added

Test article from the MFMRD Media account.

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This is a test article for the division tags 27022024 6am

Paste content here.



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CSD News article example

This is a news item for the CSD news module to display. If it appears in the CSD news module, then the tag used here is correct.


The steps again:

- Select News category

- Add or select the relevant tags.


Many thanks from the development team.



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Geoscience division test page for the news module


This is just a test news article for the Geoscience division news module.

The Geoscience division is made up of the following units:

  1. Inshore unit
  2. Offshore unit
  3. GIS unit

To ensure that a news item appears in the Related News section of a particular division. The author/publisher has to select at least one tag from the tags list relating to the division. 


If this news article is featured in the Geoscience division page, it means that the module for the Geoscience page is working correctly. 


Many thanks from the Development team. 



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