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Tarawa, Kiribati
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Head of Fisheries Meeting held at the Pacific-Community-SPC

A 5 day (22-26 April 2024) Head of Fisheries Meeting held at the Pacific-Community-SPC headquarter in Noumea, provide a platform for all Heads of Fisheries from it 22 PICT members to discuss relevant topics of regional interests and also provides oversight of all SPC's work in the field of fisheries and aquaculture.
Kiribati also have the opportunity to present its first ever study carried out in the gender lens on Gender assessment in coastal fisheries and aquaculture key findings to SPC and member countries . This study was co-presented with Margaret Fox, Advisor for GESI in Fisheries.
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MFMRD staff complete training

March 5th 2024. More than 20 MFMRD staff have completed and mastered computer application programs (Powerpoint, Excel, Leadership, etc) and other skillsets required for their work. This marks another important human resource achievement this year. Thanks to the MFAT funded project, Tobwaan Waara and KIT for their support to this capacity building program to our staff. E raka iaon 20 ana taan mwakuri Te Bootaki n Akawa ake a tia n karekei aia Beebwa imiin aia kataneiai n reirei aika kakaokoro n aron te Powerpoint, Excel, Leadership ao reirei riki ake ana kona n karikirakea aron aia waaki n mwakuri. Te karabwarabwa nakon ana karikirake Nutiran ke MFAT ae Tobwan Waara Project ao te Kiribati Institute of Technology (KIT) ibukin aia buotoka ibukin kataneiai aikai are e na uaana ibukin aia mwakuri ana aobitia Te Bootaki n Akawa.

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World Bank Group team review MFMRD PROP

The World Bank Group team led by Iretomiwa conducted a rigorous review of the MFMRD PROP (Pacific Regional Oceanscape Project) this week. A lot of benefits and impacts will be felt from the implementation of this PROP Project. Thanks to the WB , Ministry of Finance, and other key stakeholders for their support to this process.

Ana tiim te World Bank are kairaki iroun Iretomiwa inanon rinanoan ana waaki te MFMRD PROP(Pacific Regional Oceanscape Project) are e karaoaki n te wiiki aio. Aio te waaki are e na kona n katamaroa riki ana waaki te Project(PROP) aio ibukin wakinan tibwangana nakon karikirikare ake e waaki inanona. Te karabwarabwa nakon te Bangken te Aonnaba(World Bank), Te Bootaki ibukin te Mwane (MFED) ao rabwata ake a irekereke ma te Program aio ibukin aia boutoka ni kabane.

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Nonouti Updates: Coastal Fisheries Division continues training

March 4th 2024. Nonouti Updates: The Coastal Fisheries Division team from the Sustainable Fisheries Development Unit and the Mechanical and Workshop Unit continues its impactful work on FAD fabrication, fiberglass boat repair and outboard engine repair training, aiding local fishermen and communities on Nonouti Island. Fisheries services to boost fisheries diversification opportunities for local fishermen in Nonouti. Collaborative effort with local fishermen in Nonouti supported by the Nonouti Island council, significant progress has been made. Their dedication to assisting in this vital area is commendable, and we express our gratitude to the team for their unwavering commitment.
The tremendous output, significantly brings benefits to ensure our local fishers continue to keep providing for their families and communities from the diverse marine ecosystems Nonouti could offer. Through this programme, collaborative effort to venture for export beyond Nonouti to the main markets in Tarawa is priority. Our team is committed to this project, and we're thankful for the support received from partners towards building efforts for a resilience people. Together, we're making a difference and building a sustainable and better future for our local people. 
Kanoan ana waaki  mwangan te Botaki n Akawa are boboto katabeana ma tararuan maari inanoa, te Sustainable Fisheries Development Unit ao te Mechanical ao Workshop Unit ni ibuobuoki iaon Nonouti ibukin boutokan te akawa. Waaki n boutoka iaon te akawa ea boboto iaon karaoan boera n kau Ika, te mwakuri n onobwai nakon booti n akawa ao ai reiakinaia taan akawa iaon aroia n karaoi onobwai nakon aia intin. Booti ao te reirei iaon te Intin are e na kona n buokiia taan akawa ao Communities. Aio ana waaki Te Bootaki n Akawa n boutokai kakamwakuri iaon karikirakea te maiuraoi man te akawa are ea koro nanon aio man te reita n waaki imarenaia taan akawa ma ana boutoka te Kauntira n Nonouti are ea noraki n rokon te tiim n te tai aio. 
Iai te kantaninga ae abwabwaki bwa man te waaki aio ena kateimatoa te maiuraoi man ana itera te akawa ao iaon uarokoan te waaki n iokinibwai man marin taari ibukin maiuraoin te botannaomata iaon Nonouti. 
E na kona naba ni karikirakea te waaki n iokinibwai iaon te ika itinanikun Nonouti iaon uarokoan te mwakete iaon Tarawa. 
Te karabwarabwa nakon teimatoan te boutoka nakon te tiim are ea noraki man te ikarekebai ae tamaroa.

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Aquaculture Unit deploys 1010 Sandfish Juveniles

Feb 29 2024

The Aquaculture unit is excited to share the news of a successful milestone: the deployment of 1010 sandfish juveniles on February 24th in Tekuanga village, Marakei. Produced in October 2023 through a collaborative effort with Dr. Satoshi Ohashi, an expert from the Overseas Fishery Cooperation Foundation (OFCF) in Japan. The team extend their heartfelt thanks to the Marakei Island Council, Tekuanga residents, and FA Moaiti Rebite for their invaluable support and partnership in this project.

Ana tokanikai te Aquaculture Unit ibukin te ongora. E a tia n kabwakaaki 1010 bunin kereboki n 24 n Beberuare 2024 n te kaawa ae Tekuanga i Marakei. A kabwebweaki kereboki aikai inanon Okitobwa 2023 irouia ana taan mwakuri te Aquaculture ma ana ibuobuoki ana tia rabwakau temanna Te Bootaki n Akawa man te Overseas Fishery Cooperation Foundation (OFCF) ae Dr Satoshi Ohashi. Anga aia taeka n kakaitau ana tiim Te Bootaki n Akawa nakon te Kauntira n Marakei, kain te kaawa ae Tekuanga ao aia FA ae Moaiti Rebite ibukin aia boutoka ao ikarekebai nakon te karikirake aio.

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